About the Program

Business Technology Management (BTM) is an interdisciplinary program that combines business, applied IT, management, and communication skills to manage and automate information flows within and across organizations. Program foundations include business cloud computing, data analytics, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, customer relationship management & supervision. The program offers several short-term certificates and degree options in these areas.

Business Technology Management Certificate: A 45-credit certificate providing the fundamentals of business technology management. This certificate is the entry pathway to the BTM AAS and AAS-T degree options and includes an internship requirement.

Business Technology Management AAS Degree: A two-year degree providing in-depth knowledge for organizing, managing, and automating information using current business, IT, and communications skills.

Business Technology Management AAS-T Degree: Similar to the two-year AAS degree but providing a fast-track to obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree.

Entrepreneur Certificate: A 21-credit certificate for students starting a new business, working at a start-up or implementing new initiatives at an existing organization. These business modeling, marketing, and finance entrepreneurial skills course credits may be applied to the BTM degree.